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该公司作为DNF的开发商,曾经引人注目,但该公司也面临破产危机。这也是因为资金问题导致公司面临这种情况。 19年后,似乎很多公司都面临财务问题。


与此同时,美国EA和亚马逊有意收购这家公司,但出价并不像腾讯那么高,所以可以看出腾讯仍然非常喜欢这家公司,但金正州却没有橄榄腾讯投掷的分支机构。这意味着很多欲望。这是许多人没有想到的。它可以拒绝腾讯的900亿美元收购。看来Kim Jong-wook有他自己的牌不出现。

It is understood that Kim Jong-wook wants to sell his company to Disney, and Kim Jong-chook also said that Disney's business ideas are the type he likes, so when Kim Jong-chuk decided to talk to the Disney CEO about the acquisition, Disney made it clear. It shows that he will not buy this company. It seems that Kim Jong-wook is a hot face and hits a cold ass.

Because of this episode, Jin Zhengzhou had to find another buyer. After a few months, Jin Zhengzhou still did not find a suitable buyer. At the same time, many buyers expressed their reluctance to cooperate with Kim Jong-won. At the beginning, Zhou was the wind. Now only local Korean companies are willing to buy this company, but the quotation has already been reduced to 8.6 billion US dollars, which is less than 60 billion yuan. At the same time, many companies are still considering it, so now Kim Jong-chuk may be an ant on a hot pot.

When a company faces its own operational difficulties, it always seeks various kinds of social help. In fact, Huawei also experienced a crisis in which it could not be operated. At that time, Ren Zhengfei also hoped to sell Huawei, but later because of various accidents. Huawei did not have a successful transaction. This made Huawei Nirvana reborn. Kim Jong-Juan might have thought that he could also come up with a headwind like Huawei. However, hope is also very embarrassing.

Many people say that Kim Jong-won is too confident, so he will encounter this situation, so when he loses his position, he should still measure his own value so that he can stop the loss in time.

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